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Our Story

From a family of three girls, three aunts, four grandmothers, and several great aunts, jewelry came into our house in all shapes, sizes, and value.

Finding an old jewelry box was always a treasure trove of history and adventure.  Hazel & Marie was born out of this passion for discovering the old ways of crafting jewelry and updating it for today.

Katie Knapp Littlefield, founded Hazel & Marie in 2009 to fulfill her passion for gifting while living abroad. She was working in Shanghai, China in Financial Services when she found herself spending most of her free time shopping for pearl jewelry. First as gifts for family and friends, then for friends of friends, brides, boyfriends, husbands, grandmothers, great aunts, and even small businesses in search of high quality natural pearl jewelry.

The magic of gifting pearls was infectious, but the challenge of finding gift worthy quality and consistency was not an easy task. She learned from generations of strong women, that the only one way to get what you are looking for, is by doing it yourself. Hazel & Marie was founded and the rest is part of a rich history of sharing pearls with those you love.

From hand-knotted strands to sturdy clasps and signature finishing we craft our natural pearl jewelry to reflect the values passed down by our great grandmother’s Hazel & Marie. 

Hazel Quinn Knapp, Katie's Great Grandmother (1893-1994)

The Knapp-Littlefield Family (2018)