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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2022

After another year of way less hugs and kisses that we all crave, we dug into some old traditions and provide some new ways we can show our love.

Heart-shaped gifts is an old trend for Valentine’s Day.  Everything from jewelry, boxes of chocolate and even cakes, cookies and pizzas can be gifted in heart-shapes. 

Hand written cards, were the norm long before Hallmark and the mass-produced greeting card industry existed, people would hand make customized with personal messages. In fact, handwritten holiday cards were the norm until 1847.

Love letters, including a Victorian traditions of handmade "puzzle purse." These gifts were a series of love letters that were meant to be read separately, but also fit together to create a beautiful design and message. See the Valentine puzzle purse tutorial from

Compose a poem for the one you love. According to some historians, the oldest Valentine in history was a poem, written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans. You can craft yours as cheeky, sentimental, or lovey dovey.

Cupid became a symbol of Valentine’s Day due to the fact that he is the Roman god associated with the erotic, passionate type of love. His arrows cause his targets to fall in love, an adorable symbol of love and can be incorporated into your handmade gifts. 

The box of chocolates began with Richard Cadbury in 1868. And now Valentine’s Day are many brand’s busiest days of the year, in fact it is Godiva’s single busiest day of the year globally.

Extravagant Jewels have been popular since the 1900's, from royal jewels to costume pieces, it must be something special. Roses eventually wilt, and candy is eaten, cards are lost or stored away.  However a piece of jewelry is a reminder every time she wears it and one she will keep a lifetime.  

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