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Mother's Day: How to Really Appreciate Mom

If you are lucky, your mother has played so many roles in your life. From teacher, therapist, accountant, tax consultant, fundraiser, guarantor, to chauffeur (at all hours of the night).
You are also many things to her, token wild child, worst nightmare, kindest friend, and sweetest daughter who always says yes and teacher (PowerPoint lesson sound familiar).
Leading up to Mother’s Day, it’s best to embrace that you are BFFs. So how do you make her day this year, and set yourself up for success in the future?

I start by making a list of her favorite things: 
• Spending time with our family 
• A leadership role at The Missouri Botanical Garden 
• Making our family farm beautiful 

Next, access your time, resources: 
• Do I have time to crafty right now?  No 
• Does it need to be shipped?  Yes
• What makes her happy?  Feeling beautiful 
• What else is going on in her life?  Special occasions, family weddings etc.
• Will it fit and be her style?  It must be classic! 

Stephanie Knapp Littlefield

We love something sentimental that checks all of the boxes, which happens to be sentimental, classic, easy to travel and always fits perfectly around her neck.

Now it’s your turn. Here are some of my recommendations from us and others:

Frames under $200 - Jonathan Adler Key Frame 

Monogrammed accessories under $200- Monogrammed Robe

Our natural pearl jewelry picks under $200

1,2,3,4 Pebble Pearl Necklace in Pewter $200

Fifth Avenue in Noir $175 

Gatsby Necklace in Natural $160 

Don't forget a card to tell her why you choose the gift, just for her. Happy gifting! 

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