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Bat Mitzvah Etiquette & Gifting

What is a Bat Mitzvah?  

Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for 13-year-old girls (12 years old for Orthodox/ Conservative Jews).  This tradition includes a morning religious ceremony at a Synagogue followed by a lavish party attended by friends and family. They might have a welcome prayer, candle lighting, and a parent-child dance. There is almost always a dinner and followed by dancing, games etc... So make sure you have dancing shoes, bring a gift, and enjoy the celebration!

What to wear to a Bat Mitzvah?  

At the Synagogue guests generally wear dressy clothes — for men, either a suit or slacks, tie, and jacket, and for women, a dress or formal pantsuit. In more traditional communities women are discouraged from wearing pants.  The usher may offer you a prayer shawl (tallit) which is a religious symbol or yarmulke (kippah) which is optional for all guests as a symbol of respect to God and sacredness of the worship space. 

What should you gift, and how much to spend on a Bat Mitzvah?  

Jewelry and accessories or anything related to the child’s hobbies or interests are perfectly acceptable and gifts don't need to be related to Judaism or Israel. What to spend?  The typical range is $40-$100 for the Jewish rite of passage, depending on your relationship.

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