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Baby Shower Etiquette & Gifting

What is a Baby Shower about?  

Traditionally, baby showers were formal events with women only and specifically for the mother-to-be's friends, relatives and coworkers to "shower" them with gifts, hosted by family or friends.  Today, they are more of a celebration and opportunity for friends and family to see the mother-to-be's and sometimes father-to-be before the baby is born and give them gifts and advice to set them up for a successful first few months as new parents. 

What should you wear to a Baby Shower? 

It is a celebration so best to dress up! Use the venue and time of day to guide the formality level. Some ideas, if the gender is widely known you can dress to the color or if the invitation has a color theme its fun to follow

What should you bring, and how much to spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

The standard amount to spend depends on your relationship with the mother-to-be. A coworker or distant friend – $20-$25, friend or relative – $30-$50, best friend or close relative – $60-$100 and of course group gifts are a wonderful way to help with some larger items which might be on the registry. 

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