Hazel & Marie with SHOKAY

Hazel & Marie founder Katie Littlefield and SHOKAY's creative director, Keena Fletcher share the goal of pushing natural elements boundaries.  The two brands came together to create a collaboration which would enhance each brands core materials by combining beautiful and natural elements found in nature, cultured pearls and yak wool.  Both materials are Chinese sourced have a unique properties which allow for every item to vary slightly while keeping a strong design aesthetic.
Both designers have lived and traveled throughout Asia sourcing the best natural materials for their designs.

SHOKAY is a socially responsible textiles brand that creates premium knitwear, yarn and fabric from yak down. Their mission is to revolutionize the yak fiber industry with premium products responsibly manufactured from yak down. SHOKAY began as a social enterprise to support the herding communities of Qinghai and still design their pieces, with this generosity in mind. SHOKAY wraps all staff, customers and clients with our generous warmth throughout their journey. In this collaboration they continue to utilize the rare assortment of uniquely shaped Hazel & Marie pearls in varying colors to wrap beauty around clients. The result is a distinct collection of designs that are meant to work into your existing wardrobe, tastefully refining your look.

Their original collaboration was commissioned by HEX Goods and is The Gatsby Chain Link necklace combines cultured pearls and “cashmere-like” Yak down into a stunning fashion statement. Somewhere between a scarf and a necklace, the Gatsby is hand knotted and the Chain Link is hand-knitted in Tibet.

The most recent Collaboration, Hazel and Marie for Shokay is a collaboration that aims to explore the possibilities of matching knits from yak yarn to freshwater pearls. Using heirloom quality fresh water cultured pearls, hand knotted pieces, traditional and practical design aesthetic, Hazel & Marie was established to revive sophisticated style and create a modern female legacy, allowing women to exude confidence. Inspired both by the ornate jewelry often worn by Tibetan women and the natural quality of the Hazel & Marie pearls, we present unique pieces that are both fun & feminine.





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