Our Story

An Inherited Sense of Style

Like many of our Hazel & Marie friends, we experienced the traditional rites of passage of a young lady.  From getting our ears pieced with our first pearl studs to the first communion, bat mitzvah or fortnightly dances, jewelry has linked our lives to our legacy.   Through our first borrowed family pearls, a gold chain or mothers costume jewelry, we learned how important style and quality are to following in the footsteps of the Iconic American Women depicted in High Fashion Magazines.  

From a family of three girls, the vintage dresses and the heirloom family jewelry were available for whoever was clever enough to find and “borrow” them first. We quickly (and competitively) developed an eye for quality and an understanding of the innate worth of our legacy and the finer things in life.  By employing lessons passed on by our grandmothers; Hazel & Marie we ensure traditions will never be forgotten but American fashion freedom will endure for generations to come. 

Hazel & Marie uses only hand-knotted natural freshwater cultured pearls for our Heirloom and Designer Collections. The Designer Collection is inspired by vintage treasures using unique metallic colored pearls. The Heirloom collection revives traditional classic pieces which are basic to the most modern jewelry box.

From hand knotted strands to sturdy clasps and even signature finishing techniques we craft our natural pearl jewelry to reflect these values. Our pieces are created from generations of European ancestral principles and spiced with a dose of infamous American ingenuity and everyday functionality. We believe that these characteristics are the essence of Classic American Style. 

Founder and Designer, Katie Littlefield


About Us

Established to revive sophisticated style and create a modern female legacy.  Wearing pearls is a tradition instilled by generations of fashion savvy women.  Our handmade and hand-knotted pearl jewelry are not just adornments but lifestyle accessories.  Whether you are under a beach umbrella, deep in the woods, on the 18th hole or in the boardroom you aspire to embody the classic American Style.  A long rope over a cashmere turtleneck, a princess length strand under a crisp oxford or single drops with the bright shift sundress; pearl jewelry finishes your prim and sometimes not so proper look.  Remember there is nothing more eye-catching than an oversized pair of pearl stud earrings with the 'little black dress'.

Unlike most jewelry today, our pieces are made to last for more than a lifetime. Our pearls are hand knotted to ensure that the strand never breaks and that the pearls never loose their luster. Although pearls do age with time, they become richer and more precious. All of our pearls come with a satin bag which ensures that they are kept in a dark soft place away from other sharp jewelry, perfume or harsh conditions.

The quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry reflects heirloom pieces passed down by our grandmothers, Hazel & Marie.  All of our products are made from genuine, cultured freshwater pearls hand knotted on silk thread.

We use various shapes of pearls in our unique collections, from very round to baroque. The value of our pearls is based on shape, size, luster, quality and consistency and hand knotted to last for generations. The pearl’s color is achieved through a dying process that enhances the pearl’s natural features and helps insure consistency throughout each strand. The collection has received attention from celebrities and industry leaders for its unique natural shapes, standout colors and versatile designs. The brand started as a callback to beloved vintage pieces discovered in hidden jewelry boxes, but the styles are real and wearable, inspired by street culture, haute couture, current trends, as well as vintage pieces such as the Signature Twist.


About Our Team

Cyndy joined the Hazel & Marie team in 2011 as our Senior Sales Consultant with over 20 years retail sales and management experience.  She started working in retail at age 15 as a volunteer with the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  She has experience with all aspects of retail, sales and management.  She has also been a buyer for specialty retailers such as Beaver Creek Sports and Talbots.

For enquiries concerning North America please contact Cyndy Keesee, Senior Sales Consultant.  She can be contacted by  emailing her atorder@hazelandmarie.com or by calling her at (719) 338 4745.

Senior Sales Consultant & Stylist, Cyndy Keesee


We love to host events, please contact us at order@hazelandmarie.com for more details! 


Where to find us?

• Cozy Classics Collection, Fasanenstr. 29 /Fasanen Passage, 10719 Berlin/Germany, (49) 30 88 9292 23

• SHOKAY Design & Research Center (SHOKAY设计与研发中心 4th Floor, Unit 400, Building 7, #652 Changshou Lu (Jiaozhou Lu) Shanghai, 上海市普陀区长寿路652号7号楼400室 地铁七号线 长寿路站  021-52798503

• Edg Clif Farms & Vineyard, 10035 Edg-Clif Drive, Potosi, MO, 63664, USA, (001) 573- 438 4741

Care info

If you wear your pearls often, you should have them inspected at least once a year to see if they need to be restrung. How often they’ll need cleaning and restringing is a matter of how frequently you wear them.


After each wearing, wipe your pearls with a soft cloth (slightly damp, if necessary) before putting them away. If more cleaning is necessary, immersion in a bath of water and dissolved baking soda (one teaspoon of baking soda stirred into one cup of water), followed by a thorough rinsing in clear water will brighten them up. The moisture will also, temporarily, tighten the silk on which they are strung.  Lay them flat to dry (do not hang them). Store loosely in a soft cloth away from heat because they can dry out. Keep in mind hair spray, perfume and other chemicals can damage your pearls.

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Order inquiries: order@hazelandmarie.com

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