Our Natural Pearls

Heirloom Quality

Hazel & Marie jewelry is designed in the French Concession area of downtown Shanghai. All of our pearls are farmed and hand made in one of the most natural mountainous areas in central China. Each of our pearls are genuine freshwater pearls with natural shapes and each are unique. Our pearl quality is measured by luster, shape and size. Baroque cultured pearls have a unique charm, grown by oysters and subject to the whims of mother nature, providing a unique and natural style.

Our pearls are hand knotted to ensure that the strand never breaks and that the pearls never loose their luster. Although pearls do age with time, they become richer and more precious.  All products are hand knotted on silk thread and secured with stainless steel or sterling silver hardware. Our grandmothers, Hazel & Marie, taught us about style, classic beauty and family tradition.  The styles are real and wearable, inspired by street culture, haute couture, current trends, and vintage pieces. 

What is a Cultured Pearl?

Pearl in OysterNatural pearls are so rare to find in nature that most pearls sold today are cultured. To create a cultured pearl, a tiny bead is implanted into the oyster and gradually over time the oyster coats the bead in many layers of natural minerals and proteins. These layers are referred to as nacre (Nay-Ker.) It is the nacre that gives pearls their beautiful luster and color.
Choosing the Right Pearl Style

Our freshwater pearl jewelry is available in a variety of different styles including studs, drop earrings, one to five strands, necklaces, and bracelets. In addition, we offer our pearls in varying colors and price range so that you can find the perfect pearl for your style and budget.


While industry wide there is no standardized grading for pearls, we ensure that each pearl meets our high quality standards. At Hazel & Marie we stand behind our quality and would be happy to refund your We also hope that we can help you to learn more about the differing qualities.


The general color of a pearl is also called the body color. Typical pearl colors are white, cream, yellow, pink, silver, or black. A pearl can also have a hint of secondary color, or overtone, which is seen when light reflects off the pearl surface. For example, a pearl strand may appear white, but when examined more closely, a pink overtone may become apparent.


Pearl in OysterPearls produce an intense, deep shine called luster. This effect is created when light reflects off the many layers of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that compose the pearl. This substance is called nacre. When selecting a pearl, consider that the larger the pearl, the more nacre it has, so it will also exhibit even more luster. Compare a 5mm pearl with a 10mm Freshwater cultured pearl and the difference in the amount of nacre is obvious. The difference in luster is as clearly visible as the difference in the pearl sizes.


Freshwater pearls can be round, oval, off-round, ringed and baroque.  We love to use various types of pearls which provide a more modern and interesting style compared to a simple strand of pearls.

Surface Markings

Pearl Shapes

As a mollusk creates a pearl, the layers of nacre do not always adhere smoothly. Sometimes spots and bubbles can appear in the layering process. At Hazel & Marie we offer you a range of styles and believe that the natural growth of pearls enhances the beauty of the pearls.  Our highest quality pearls are AAA quality with the smoothest surface.


The size of the pearl greatly depends on the type of pearl. Freshwater pearls range in size from about 2.0 for our most delicate pearls and can reach sizes as large as 14mm.


Satin Care CaseWhen cared for properly, pearls can last a lifetime. The best way to care for pearls is to wear them often as the body’s natural oils keep pearls lustrous. However, it’s important to keep them away from household chemicals including perfume, makeup and hairspray. Chemicals found in these common products can dull the luster of your pearls. It is recommended that you put your pearls on last when getting ready and make them the first thing you take off when you come home. Before putting your pearls away, wipe them with a soft cloth and store them separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching their tender surfaces.


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