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At Hazel & Marie we believe in our natural products, happy clients, supporting and respecting our community. Hazel & Marie is passionate about supporting communities through fund raising, donations and involvement.  All of our natural pearls are sourced from Pearl Farms in the mountainous areas of rural China.  These areas are rich with natural resources but not wealthy with knowledge and modern medicine or hospitals.   

Through visiting these farms and rural areas while sourcing pearls, we have also met the families and children living in these areas, better understood the needs of Children there and want support their communities, just as they support our business.  Ten percent of all of our sales from our traditional collection is donated to Heart to Heart Shanghai. Our Traditional Collection includes the Traditional Necklace, Traditional Bracelet and our Traditional Studs.  


Heart to Heart Shanghai is a Shanghai based non-profit community outreach organization.  They are composed entirely of volunteers who donate time and support to children from extremely poor families who are undergoing heart surgery and who give financial assistance to rural Chinese schools which require libraries and other essentials. Heart to Heart's Motto: Life saving.  Life changing.  Life enhancing.

Heart to Heart Shanghai is:

• A 100% volunteer based community outreach group founded in June 2003 (as part of Rotary’s Gift of Life program, but in July 2006 evolved into the independent group Heart to Heart) by expatriates concerned about local children’s health issues.

• A non-profit, non-partisan voluntary private sector organization based in Shanghai, China

• Wholly administered by volunteers with no salaries or commissions paid or deducted from its funds

Their Goal is to Save a Life: 25,000 RMB repairs a child's heart!

The average cost of a child's surgery to repair a congenital heart defect at the hospitals with which we work is 25,000 RMB. 

This amount is very modest in comparison to the cost of similar operations in many other countries.  However, many families in China (particularly those living in rural communities) are not fully covered by medical benefits and are unable to raise the money to pay for the operation their child needs.  In fact, the families we support generally make RMB 3,000 – 6,000 annually (combined family income).

Heart to Heart Shanghai raises this desperately needed sponsorship money by various means. Some individuals, groups and companies generously donate the entire 25,000 RMB for a child's sponsorship. Many of these individuals wish to keep such donations private and we fully respect their wishes upon request.  Others contribute lesser amounts of money, which we combine with other donations to reach the required 25,000 RMB.  All donations – whether they are large or small – can make a significant impact to a child's life.  Heart to Heart Shanghai welcomes and appreciates any and all contributions.

For more information on making a donation or to find out how you can help, go to  www.heart2heartshanghai.net/.  

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